Que Tes Jours Soient Joyeux Et Lumineux Christmas Tags

Hi Everyone! Happy Sunday! It has been a crazy month for me, even though I haven't been teaching this month (took some time off). I have been a busy bee trying to get all my Fall classes in order and getting all my product ordered. Its crazy how much work goes into it, but at the end it's all worth it! I love meeting new people and teaching, it makes me very happy to see happy students! I had a chance to work on my 2015 Christmas tags a few days ago. I have to admit, this is always the most popular class in the whole year. People sign up FAST! I have to admit it' s my favorite too! They always turn out so cute, take a look:

Fun stuff huh? I would like to see you in one of these classes! Check out the classes tab down below to see if these will come near you!

Thanks for stopping by!