The Frank Garcia Alaska Cruise: A Recap!

Hey there friends! So it feels like our Alaskan Cruise happened just yesterday, and it's literally been over a week that it went and came! While it went by so quick, we all had an amazing time, and I am so thankful for everyone who joined us! We had some great times, food, and some special moments that I will always remember. We also crafted and created some beautiful projects! Here is a picture recap of all the special moments we shared together!

Our ship! The Explorer Of The Seas!

Our Goodie Bags and matching aprons for every participant! Handmade!

Registration night! Picking up badges, goodie bags and schedules!

Ready for day 1!

Project 1! Santa Baby Christmas Magic Album

Love this classroom! Super big and well lit!

Great moments!

Huge Crab Legs! OMG!

Loved this! It was super cold but worth it!

Gorgeous glacier viewing!

Class number 2, Vintage Memories Treasure Box Class

What a great time we had! We truly enjoyed every moment. If you are thinking of coming on a cruise with us, we have a new one in 2019 coming up! We will be visiting the Western Caribbean in April! Here is all of the information:

Thanks to everyone who joined us! We can't wait until we are at the open sea once more!


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